Tanzanite Swarovski Brilliant Crystals paired with Petite White 

Swarovski Crystal Pearls ​​shown with Lady Necklace and Westminster Ring

Pure Swarovski Brilliant Crystals paired with Large White 

Swarovski Crystal Pearls ​​with crystal accented leverback option​​

Petite Deep Lapis Swarovski Crystal Pearls paired with Pure

Swarovski Brilliant Crystals shown with Empress Bracelet

Kensington Earrings

Beautiful Swarovski Brilliant Crystals nestled between Swarovski Crystal Pearls

 in your choice of two crystal and pearl sizes with solid sterling silver findings in dangle,

posts or clip-ons - $59.00 Large Pearls and Crystals, $49.00 Petite Pearls and Crystals 

Shown featuring Swarovski Crystals in Pure, Pearls in Deep Lapis, Crystals in Light Amethyst and Tanzanite 

Light Amethyst Swarovski Brilliant Crystals paired with Large White Swarovski Crystal Pearls